Virtually set among the ancient houses of the Marina di Cassano, and partly dug into the tuff of the ridge, this church, small, simple and classic in the external facade, topped by a metal cross, a small bell has a fresco of the Madonna and Child. Area inside has a single nave with a barrel vault. It presents some baroque stucco with floral motifs, a polychrome marble altar. Also preserves a wooden statue of the Madonna of 1885 venerated especially the feast of July 2, then three statues representing St. Anthony, St. Joseph, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as well as a picture of 1861 representing Sant’Agnello and another depicting St. Michele.

Finally, there is a small organ above the entrance to which menus are accessed by a tiny spiral staircase.
The history of this small but important place of worship is very old. In 1326 the canonical Giovanni Maresca and Amato Cota founded the first chapel dedicated to St. John the Baptist at the village of Marina di Cassano.
In 1537 Carlo Maresca founded the Navy chapel of Cassano, with belfry arch, where there was already shrine dedicated to Santa Maria delle Grazie and dedication in the name also to the souls in Purgatory.
In 1658 a cliff landslide at the village of Marina di Cassano destroyed the chapel, but the residents decided its reconstruction also enlarging the structure on a contiguous land acquired.
Then over time the church has undergone several restorations, such as those consisting of 1950 and 1982 (after the damage caused by the 1980 earthquake).