15 Jun Friday June 26, 2015 Paolo Roversi

In our country, there is’ a place where time stands still: The seaside village.
In this village called Marina Di Cassano with the frame of the tuff find ourselves Friday at 14 with Paolo Roversi and Claudio Celentano to tell us a bit ‘of this book that the scale Stall Award.
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Paolo Roversi, Premio Bancarella dialoga con l'autore Claudio Celentano presso Bagni Nettuno

Friday, June 26, 2015 14 pm
Paolo Roversi, Market Stall Award
converses with the author Claudio Celentano
at Bagni Nettuno
organized by Library inmondadori – Piano di Sorrento Town of Piano di Sorrento and Tourist Association Pro Loco City of Piano di Sorrento

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