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Although through the land whole, you’ll never learn as many things they will learn from the sea. You will never find peace except the sea, which itself never rests.
(Pär Lagerkvist)

The sea is female. Is it attracted sometimes silent sometimes brazen, is dangerous, and you know it. But they bathe and remains at the mercy of its tides.
(Archi_T_tetta, Twitter)

A boy playing on the seashore. It collects water in a colorful bucket and pours it into a hole that he dug. Suddenly I realize that with me it looks even God.
(Marian Bogdala)

And Nothingness wrote the desert, cold, love, stone, unburied anger. Never the sea.
(Fabrizio Caramagna)

There is nothing so desperately monotonous as the sea, and no wonder most of the pirate cruelty.
(James Russell Lowell)

Monsieur Prudhomme vedendo per la prima volta il mare: “Una tale quantità d’acqua è ridicola” e dopo un momento di riflessione “e ancora non si vede che la parte superiore”.

Prof. Arronaux: Voi amate il mare, capitano? Nemo: Sì! L’amo! Il mare è tutto. Copre i sette decimi del globo terrestre. Il suo respiro è puro e sano. È l’immenso deserto dove l’uomo non è mai solo, poiché sente fremere la vita accanto a sé.
(Jules Verne)


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